Thursday, 5 March 2015


Late last year I went to see the movie Annie the 2014 version. There are a lot of Annie movies and I have seen them all but this one is the best yet. If you are not a musical theater kind of person I don’t recommend It. The reason why I like Annie is because everyone is used to the redhead but this time it's different all though many people like to stick with the original.  
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There are a lot of different scene than you are used to. I did cry but just a little this movie is awesome.

The hole story is about an orphan as Annie says foster kid that gets adopted from a rich man that wants to be a mayor after he save Annie from a car. Luckily she is away from her old foster Mum who looks after kids just for money and she abuses them and the story goes on.
This movie has an amazing story behind it recommend you watch it NOW!

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Jamie Foxx             Will stacks                                             I rate this movie Rose Bryne        Grace         

Cameron Diaz             Miss Hannigan
Quevenzhane Willas Annie

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  1. There's two Annie movies, but the movie is amazing