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Ancient civilisations

Image result for Romes flagAncient Rome
Ancient Rome was an Italic civilisation that begun on the Italic peninsula. It was built in the eighth century B.C. and started from a tiny little village to the biggest city of its time. It is said that Rome used to have a population of 1 million people when it was at the peak of its power. Legend says that Rome was founded by twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, the sons of Mars, the (Roman) god of war.
The Colosseum (as you can see in the corner) was one of the great entertainment theatres in Rome back when it was functional and more new looking. Many Romans went there to watch the gladiators fight ferocious animals such as, bears, lions or tigers and of course, fight each other. The gladiators wore armour and took a weapon out with them into the battlefield. They would be taken up in an elevator (not electronic) from underneath the battlefield instead of walking in from the outside (the same thing happened with the animals).
Image result for the colosseumAs the Romans grew they conquered more lands and each time they did they adopted the things from other cultures that they liked. They even adopted other peoples gods that were from other cultures! Once the Romans met the Greeks and heard about their gods, they decided to adopt them. They even changed the gods names so they sounded like Roman names and changed the gods story’s so that they sounded more like Roman gods. In the end, they seemed like they had been Roman gods all along.   
In 79 A.D, the massive volcano called Vesuvius erupted, obliterating the Roman city of Pompeii. Everyone had fled once they saw the first sign that the volcano would erupt: a huge cloud of debris rising from out of the volcano, covering the region in a 16 foot pile of volcanic ash. But some people still stayed behind. Not too long after a lot of the people escaped, a giant combination of pumice and ash came rolling down the sides of the volcano. It was as hot as 1 300 degrees Fahrenheit and came down the volcano at a pace of 70 mph. It almost completely destroyed and it killed more than 2000 people.

Julius Caesar was one of the most famous emperors to ever live. He was born in or around 100 B.C and joined the Roman army in 81 B.C. He was the first Roman army commander to invade England which he did in 55 B.C and again in 54 B.C. He was born into a really wealthy family and was well educated as child and was really passionate about sport. Unfortunately, in 44 B.C Caesar was murdered by politicians that  thought he was too obsessed with his own importance.

Ancient Rome was quite a dangerous place back in it’s day but it still had one giant population. Rome should be a great interest in scientists and biologists all over the world. It has such interesting tales locked away just waiting to be found. Rome is quite an interesting place and will inspire lots of people over the years.

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