Monday, 16 February 2015

                                 My hero

When it comes to SUPERHERO'S I don't think like others like Super man, Wonder woman, Green lantern I thought of something different a star that has always helped me out when I
need it or save me from bad guys and has upgraded through life's journey.My hero is my phone.  

My phone is a life saver because I can use it anywhere anytime but the only thing I hate about it is when it gets tired it goes blank but still it gives me warnings and that's why I love it so much it gives me light, comfort, notifications and anything u could possibly need and possibly could set you for life (except food).

The electronic device will guide you through life when u need life information you need to know or even tell you where to go.Download your favourite games and mostly be their when your board.I
have loved my phone's for many years now but its time to let it go and be free because now I have an x-box and love to play online games with my friends all over the world until next time...

                 -MY HERO MY PHONE-

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