Wednesday, 25 February 2015



I have always loved to ride scooters ever since I was little, I would always pick up a scooter and ride it outside the front of my house trying to show off tricks as a little boy even though I wasn’t good at it i still practiced every day. Now since I am older I am a lot better at the sport and think that everyone else should give it a go,you never know you could fall in love with it just like me watching videos of all the worlds best riders and going to the skate park practicing and trying to be just like the pros.

Hi my name is griffin and I going to try to convince you to try give scootering a go. To start off you will need to have a scooter to ride one that is strong, fast and suits your fancy. There are a ton to choose from this helpful site that I will give you a link to now To be able to do tricks and show off to friends you need to be fit,confident and willing to be hurt, although you can hurt yourself doing the sport it is fun cause you get up and try again, You can learn from your mistakes here's another link to a video that you can watch to later see if you can do these tricks but remember that it takes patients and heaps of time of practice. I hope that anyone who reads this will give scootering a go.  

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