Sunday, 8 February 2015

Shriyas Holiday     

My holidays were up north because my parents needed a break from work and because we were tired just sitting at home and doing nothing . So we drove up north and stayed at my uncles house , he has two sons whos names are Ricky and Justin  chaudhary . So when we arrived at theyre house  my brthers hugged Ricky and Justin and I was still in the car waiting for my parents and my puppies who had gone for a walk then six minutes later they came back and gave me a big sloppy kiss.            

We got settled in my dogs stayed in the back yard and we stayed in the guest  room the the next day we went straight to Wellington and we went to some farm where you can pick any fruit  and its all free I picked bananas , cherries and pears.

Then we went to my dads brothers house and stayed there and my brother the oldest one was doing some thing in the house and he broke his leg so we showed my aunty who is a experince doctor had a look and did her stuff the we packed our stuff and drove off home in Auckland when we arrived we helped my brother get off van and then the dogs went to play.

And thats my story                    by shriya c

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