Sunday, 8 February 2015

 Pania’s Holidays

During the holidays my family and I went to Goat Island on a very cloudy day. It took ages to get there. The closer we got to the beach the more bumpy it got. Since it was cloudy we thought no one would be there, but we thought wrong. We spent ages circling around looking for parking. Finally when we found parking we unpacked our gear and walked down to the beach. When we got there we set up everything, put on sunblock and then went straight into the water.

It was freezing! It took awhile for me to get used to snorkeling cause I hadn’t been in ages. Once I got the hang of it me and I swam to the island not far from where we were. We got out and walked on top of the rocks. Then suddenly my Dad dropped his snorkel in between the rocks. We watched it sink down to the bottom. The rocks were very sharp so I couldn’t walk very fast. My Dad found a stick and tried to pull his snorkel up. As time went the waves got bigger. We tried again and finally got it. We quickly swam back before the tour boat ran us over. As we got closer I stood up and walked the rest of the way.

When we came out of the water most people were gone. I quickly ate while my Mum started to pack up. We started walking back to the car. We dropped my brother off further away, Which made our car really dirty. Almost straight away when we arrived home we all went to bed. It was really fun and hope to go again soon.

By Pania

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