Sunday, 8 February 2015

Owens Holiday

on the first day of the holidays I woke up really sleepy because the night before I had a basketball games that last 2 hours so I was really sleepy.When I woke up I made my self some breakfast what I had for breakfast was a apple and a drink of apple juice what we brought yesterday for a treat because my sister and I dint fight.

12 a'clock had just past and all I had to eat was a apple what was really small,so I made my self something to eat what was a sandwich what was really nice because it had ham and cheese what is my favourite topping for a sandwich.

4 a clock had just past and I was really hungry so I went up to my mum and said can I have some dinner and go to the take away shop down the road so I walk down the road to the take away shop and I got chicken fried rice what is really nice because of the big piece of chicken.

9 a'clock is now here and I was really sleepy so my mum said it was time to go to bed and by the time I fell to the       

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