Saturday, 7 February 2015

Orua Bay

  Orua Bay 2015
Woke up in the morning, had breakfast and left for an hours drive to Orua Bay campgrounds with all of our gear packed tightly in the car with the family.
(well 2 cars). Kaitlyn and Jordan were coming with us too.
Now we will have heaps of fun YAY!!!

When we were there we signed in and set up our tent that we were sleeping in. Then  we went down to the lovely beach and played in the creek but it was ice cold so we ended up swimming in the surprisingly

warm sea. After that we went back to the tent and had lunch and played cluedo, went back to the beach and built a big sandcastle out of sticky icky. Then we all went back for delicious dinner it was ham steaks and pineapple.
Soon after it was bedtime so we went to sleep.

The next two mornings we had pancakes with lemon, sugar, cream, jam and butter. They were delicious.
After breakfast we went down to the tennis courts that were only 5 minutes away, I bet Mum, Dad and Elisa in a game of tennis. Next we went back to the campground to go to the lollies shop we all had $5 to spend there.
Thats basicly what we did while we were there for the 9 days.
Orua Bay is awesome.

By Brooke

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