Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Netball is a really fun sport to play. You get to meet new people, get fit as well as many other new skills and benefits. It’s one of the best sports and over 20 million people play it around the world.

Netball is a sport that plays with two teams (7 players on each), the aim of the game is to see who can get the most goals. But it’s not all that easy. Each player has a different position on the court, with a different “job” for each of them.

With playing netball comes many different benefits such as;

*  Running - During a game of netball you should run quite a lot. Running short sprints in different directions around the court.

*  Teamwork - In netball, there are two teams that play, meaning that you have to cooperate together to defend, attack, and score goals.

*  Strength - Throwing across a large area isn’t always easy, but in netball it’s a great skill you gain by having to throw to your other teammates during a game.

It’s fun ! Along with all these benefits come the fun and enjoyment of the game. Some teams aren’t as competitive as others, but in the end both teams want to fight for the win. Going to trainings isn’t always as boring as other sports either, because it’s not an individual sport such as, tennis, squash, badminton etc.

In my opinion I think netball is the best sport to play. I think everyone should give it a go and get to gain all these new skills and benefit in a lot of ways.

Here’s a link to a netball store so you can purchase some gear and start practicing ! :

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