Monday, 2 February 2015

My Holiday

Image result for textingMy holidays started off with a big bang, then settled down to just sitting around watching movies with family and texting friends. So throughout the holidays it was a mixture of traveling around Australia and surfing the internet.

Image result for the city hopper brisbaneMe, My sister and father went out to try and find some cheap pools to hang around, considering it was 36 degrees out. We went out to the city and realized that there was a gigantic place with access to 0.5-2m pools. We also wanted to check out the Brisbane museum.

We quickly grabbed a bite to eat, and then made our way on a boat “The City Hopper” to arrive on the other side of the city. We climbed about 30 steps to appear at a Casino. We then searched the city, to find the museum.

Image result for the brisbane museum of australian history brisbaneOnce we finally found the Museum, We had a look around in the “Hollywood Stars” category and I was super bored because it was mainly just dresses from old australian actors and movies in black and white. We left the museum and headed over the bridge, then perceived that the real Brisbane Museum was to our right and that the one we went to was just a history museum.
Image result for snowconeAfter that my sister begged to ride the Brisbane Wheel, so we were fortunate enough to ride for about twenty to thirty minutes. All I could see was the beautiful surroundings Brisbane had to offer, and the city towers that surrounded the docks of Brisbane.

We started to walk for about ten minutes back to the pools and just swam for a long time, three hours at the most. After we all cooled down, we got an snowcone and started to wander back to the train station.

We rode pass Southbank and Logan, Into Woodlands. We stepped out of the train and I tried taking pictures of the train tracks, then casually missed two steps, then fell down two flights 
Image result for taxi in brisbaneof stairs. As knowing me, I clenched onto my iPod and tried to keep it above my head not allowing it to drop and smash. As I fell all my sister could hear was *THUMP* and me saying, “The iPod is alright.” I got up relaxed, then looked down at my legs, dripping with blood. My dad quickly rang up the taxi company and ordered a cab. After a good thirty minutes with no sign of a taxi my father rang up the company, with a very concerned voice.

Image result for angry man on the phone“My daughter has just fell down two flights of stairs, and my second daughter is freezing cold, if you do not bring a taxi right now, I will personally make a complaint.” Said my dad.

After a few muffles, Eventually I see a taxi pull up, and I jump in the cool aired car. Five turns left and we rapidly pull up to our house. I grabbed a towel and headed straight for the bath. (What a great way to spend a day in Australia)


  1. So clumsy Vicki. Haha. Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Brisbane is a cool city.

  2. I read your story its cool and I love where u went

  3. I read your story its cool and I love where u went