Monday, 2 February 2015

My holiday

MY HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My holidays were really cool. On the first few days of the holidays I was waiting for christmas.
But really, who was’nt? When christmas finally came around I was super excited. So excited in fact that I could’nt get to sleep for like 4 hours. I was so bored just lying there for huors, but thats another story.

From then on my holidays went up hill and down hill all at the same time!!!!! One of the examples is when we put our pool up. It seemed liked a good idea at the time because we could cool off when it got too hot but in the first few days of having it up me and my brother, Harry, started fighting about things. Another moment was when we were excited for Harrys birthday but Harry woke me up at about 2:00 in the morning because he was soooooo excited.

So my first few weeks were kinda stink, it did’nt get any worse though, in fact it got a bit better. We went to see  2 movies: Penguins of madagascar and night at the museum 3. My favourite was deffenetly night at the museum 3. But I can also say that I did not go to the beach at all in the holidays because we have a pool, and because last time I went to the beach I got millions of cuts on my feet. I hated that day at the beach!

The last couple of weeks were quite good, but I cant really remember what I did in the last weeks. But I do remember playing computer games. But my last day was the most boring and the most sad. It was boring because I had to stay at my Nanas for almost all afternoon. It was sad because well it was the last day of the holidays!

By Flynn Cooper    

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  1. Sounds like a cool holiday Flynn. Check your apostrophes. was'nt should be wasn't.
    Apostrophes take the place of the missing letter. Something to fix easily.