Monday, 16 February 2015

My hero

                                My Hero

When I say my hero I do not mean someone like spider-man or captain america, but what I'm writing about is a different hero, he is great in all sorts of different ways, and I don't mean like flinging webs or turning into a green monster I mean things like that make someone kinda special. For instance some people may say one-direction or Michael Jackson but I can say that my hero/s are the group imagine dragons. 

I love some of the groups songs and wish to be great singers just like them. You may not have heard of them because they aren't exactly a popular band but once I heard one of their songs I just had to listen to more. A few of their songs are: Radioactive, On top of the world, and bleeding out. The members of the imagine dragons group are Ben Mckee(bassist), Wayne Sermon(guitarist), Dan Reynolds(Vocalist) and Dan Platzman(drummer). Just so you know imagine dragons is a rock band and were nominated for two Grammy awards.

 These guys are my heroes for few reasons, because they are rock and rock is my second favourite kind of music (my favourites hip hop), they play the guitar and drums which are two instruments I really want to play (I already play guitar) and because I really want to sing great songs and be a achiever like them. 


  1. nice work Flynn i really like that you put some effort in to your writing

  2. Thanks Owen!!!!

  3. Thanks Owen!!!!