Monday, 16 February 2015

My Hero - Victoria

Image result for pewdiepieWhen people think of superheros, people that straight away come to mind like Superman, BatMan, Hulk, Spiderman and so on. But what comes to my mind is one special person that always lifts my spirits when I feel down. Someone that is as passionate when it comes to games and that someone brings a smile to nearly 40 million people when he uploads videos. He has 34,624,495 subscribes as from today and still counting. My hero is the one and only PewDiePie!

Image result for pewdiepie
PewDiePie is his youtube alias and his real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Coming from Gothenburg, Sweden, he can speak Swedish and a bit Italian as his girlfriend Marzia can speak the language fully. Each year giving a million off his profits to charity and making quite a few dollars from just making people smile. But enough about him and more about how he has made so many people smile.

Image result for pewdiepieWith his humour that only very few get, he makes me die of laughter every time I watch his videos. He screams at his indie games and it is historical. Every time I feel down I watch his videos and he makes me feel untroubled , there is something in the way he talks that makes me carefree!

Image result for pewdiepieMy hero is Felix because simply he does the thing not many people can do. Make millions smile after saying the simplest things. I love Felix and his amazing personality and I know you secretly watch his videos too! Dont worry, I wont tell. 
But if you havent seen this fabulous Youtuber, click this link


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  2. I do the same thing and is suprising when u fell doown to watch him (:

  3. Pewdiepie is amazing :) BROFIST

  4. nice writing Viki I do exactly the same thing