Monday, 16 February 2015

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My hero is my mum…. she has always been there for me. My mum is a kind, wonderful hero , she is also a great chef and
baker, She is a friendly loving person that I know and love. I can always count on her to be there when I need her , she’s a hard worker and is always smiling. My hero has medium-length brown wavy hair that is always in a ponytail , tan skin , a button nose , almond shape brown eyes , a warm smile and a pear shape body.

My hero was and is my first hero I will ever need, my hero is my mum and i wouldn’t want any other hero to replace her. She is the best treasure in my life more than  friends , toys , money, jewels, gold , or fruit. My hero will never let me down but if they did I would forgive and carry on looking up to them no matter what happens. My hero like to watch cooking channel and E news. Her favorite color is pink, she was born in September 19th 1983 her star sign is Virgo and is the year of the pig. she does all the cleaning and cooking in the house while I sometimes help out so she can have a rest after a long day of work .

She used to work long hours but is now starting work at 2 pm and will finish around 5:30 pm. Meaning she is free to spend time with me or rest. My hero is my mum unless you have forgotten and I’m proud to tell you that I look up to my mum.

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  1. nice work natalie
    maybe next time you could add more pics