Monday, 16 February 2015

My hero
Superhero, Superman, Pahlawan                             Superhero, Superman, Pahlawan
My hero is my dad, because he makes everything possible and just takes life as a joke but is serious times. He is a kind loving person and is always happy and keeps me happy as well.

Even though a lot of people in his family has passed away he is still a happy person like his mum ( my Grandma ) and his dad ( my Grandad ) also a few of his other siblings. He is still a happy man and loves what he does for a living. He is very inclusive with everybody and helps me and Emily when ever.

He is a very nice person and he is a very bright person with tons of ideas to create. He spends a lot of his time in the in the garage building and improving things to make them more efficient. More fun he is a person that likes to persevere and keep moving ford in life.
This is my hero and he is a person that is caring and will always stay positive and doesn’t give up when ever.  


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