Monday, 16 February 2015

My hero- Eden

M Y  H E R O E S 

 My heroes are people that I love a lot they help me when I am down and love me a lot and they are my Mum and my Dad. I choose my Mum and Dad because I look up to them and then my little brother and sister look up to me and that means a lot to me.

My Mum name is Gail Marie Brumby. My Mum is like me because she used to play netball and also hockey. She has brown curly hair that take time to get right. Her eyes are as green as grass and wears funky jeans and pretty dressers. She supports me with my sports and school work and helps me when I am up set.

 My Dad name is Daryn Christopher Smith. My dad like competition and sports. My Dad played sport and liked it a lot. He has played cricket and a lot more. My Dad has has short curly brown, And his eyes is as blue as the sky. he wears cool jeans and loves cars. 

 I don’t regret writing about my Mum and Dad for being my hero so thank you and I will always look up to you.

 B Y E D E N : )


  1. I love how you described your mum and dad, it is a really great use of descriptive language:)

  2. I think it's nice that your mum and dad are your hero's and that they help you with things . It's also a good piece of writing .