Sunday, 8 February 2015


On my holiday my brothers Dylan and Marius came over to my house for a couple of weeks.

On the first day of the holidays my brothers my dad and I went to paint ball.

When all four of us got there we jumped out of my dads car and went around the back to were the food and the seats were.

We all sat there for about five minutes when we saw some of my older brothers friends that I also know so we talked for a little while then we decided that we would have five games of paint ball together

The teams where simple my brothers one friend and I and the other team was the rest of my brothers friends.

The games were short but our got lucky we got three and the other team got two.

Soon after we got some lunch we all got some subway that was near by it was yum.

Then we headed home to play out side we played a few games for about one hour.

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