Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My favourite sport.

Image result for nrl logoRugby League.
Rugby League is similar  to Rugby, But it’s not exactly the same as everyday Rugby. I consider Rugby league a lot more rough than rugby because of how the rules are slightly twisted.

Rugby League is played on the exact same sized field as Rugby, Has the same goal posts and use the same shaped ball. There are also many differences in rugby league than rugby. Differences In league are 5 tackles, different scrums, no line outs etc.

First off I will be telling you about how Rugby leagues tackles are totally different from rugbys tackles. In league you get a certain amount of tackles which is 5 tackles, but in rugby you get as many until the ball gets turned over.

Now scrums on the other hand are quite different to each other because if you watch a game of NRL and see a scrum you should see that the two teams do not push each other from side to side. In rugby the teams are down low pushing each other from side to side.

Finally I will state my reasons why I think Rugby league is far better Rugby. I say this because in Rugby league there are no line outs and I don’t like line outs with the time it takes to get set up. I also think this because I like a bit more roughness in sport games and rugby leagues the one.

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  1. Nice Calix League Is Better Then Rugby

  2. Thats your opinion Brody