Wednesday, 4 February 2015

                           LENNOX'S HLOIDAYS

Finally the holidays are here, I thought to myself what are we going to do it's so far away till school starts well here's three quick summary of what my family and I did over the last three best days down North...

I got home from school holding my breath we would be doing something fun and we where. My Mum started off by saying "well son we are planning to go down north where my aunties, uncles and cousins are". I was so excited to be going down there because its the only time where I get some alone time by myself [not that I'm anti social] but also to spend quality time with my mums side of the family and then it was official we are heading down north so I got my stuff [like everyone else]
and shot off.

When we got on the road my little brother started getting car sick no vomiting from him though just pure dizziness well my older sister on the other hand got it as well and if your thinking vomiting you are right and where was I oh of course in the best place the middle as usual but after all it is kind of worth it I mean come on its better than staying home with your grand parents isn't it. Anyway we made a stop on the way there.

Yes I said to myself as I breathed in the beautiful air with a hint of chocolate milk MOTHER OF HEAVEN I couldn't believe my eyes we had stoped at the swinging cow I was just happy because I saw food not that I like it from there but I was busting to go toilet but obviously I costed $2.00 but as usual I snuck in then out then we were off once my dad was finished getting some snacks for us then we stretched our arms and legs and headed off once again to our journey up north.

We successfully made it to the bridge just a few more steps away from seeing each other in ages and then we got there after a long tortured drive. We all came outside and said a huge WELCOME and started off our day by sitting down and talking all day then we fell asleep awaiting till tomorrow come a brand new day just going faster and faster.

Today was the day we were going to the pools to have a swim but as for me I stayed in the baby pool with my brother because the big pool was a little to big for me and luckily my aunty pushed me in and then I realised we all had gone into the deep end so I was swimming across right then my brilliant uncle comes along and pulls me under I wasn't excepting that so I was sucking in water through my mouth and to think what's been in there Yuck so I quickly got up and couldn't breath because of my blocked nose and my mum started to panic as mothers always do when their  child's doing something they shouldn't be doing anyway I managed to breath and was so angry I went to the toilets then after 5 minutes I came clean with my uncle because he knew I would get him back. After that tiring day we had boil up for tea and gently got into bed as the sun crept away slower and slower.

I woke up to a surprise on my face a spider I just had to scream because u know me a drama queen as always and woke everyone up well not everyone ok no one because it was my other aunties day off so once we had all gotten up we went SHOPPING one of my favourite hobbies to do I got $100 from my nanny she is the best I mean come on she gives me more than my mum well that's not really the point what I'm writing so back to basics while we were going shopping I brought nothing because I needed to save it for my lunch and plus my uncle brought me some goodies. Afterwards all of us went to the park and had a play around for a bit and once again the same routine for 1 month except dinner we had Subway, Fish and chips, Boil up, Bakery and so and so on.

This last day was the best because we went to the beach but until 6.00 and then we ended up seeing my uncle had got stung by some creature and we also got to see the museum it wasn't that awesome but it was cool out of 10 it would have to be a 6 because there is only 3 rooms so yeah. Before I knew it was guy forks we set off some massive fire works and sadly the someone called noise control it was pretty dumb of them because everyone was doing it so SHAME ON HIM meanwhile we went home the next we went home but I will never forget that experience.


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  1. Nice story lenny your a great writer and i like your lay out (><)