Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kaitlyns hoilday

Kaitlyns holiday!                      

In the Christmas holiday my family and I go to Pauanui every year at the same time same place for 5 nights 6 days.

We have a two story house with a garage made into a bedroom which is where my aunty and cousins stay.  Downstairs is where my family sleeps, theres two bedrooms my brother and I sleep in the small bedroom with two single beds and mum and dad sleep in the big bedroom right next to ours.  Upstairs is the kitchen, living room, dining room and the master bedroom where my nana and popa sleep.

Most of the day we spend at the beach. The surf beach has lots of big waves and you get dumped a lot, we spend around about hour and a half to two hours then we get ready to head home at this point we have a shower and wait for afternoon tea.  Then we are back in our tog and heading down to the harbour to swim but this year it was a bit different, we got to jump off the wharf into the deep water below.  The first time I did it I screamed and forgot to close my mouth, water went in my mouth and nose and it was not fun, but that didn't make a difference I kept on doing it about 40 times a day we did this everyday.

Sadly our holiday had to come to an end we can’t wait till next year!

Pauanui beach, NZ

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