Sunday, 8 February 2015

Joriens Holiday:)

In the 2014-2015 holidays my family and I went to the North and South island (athletics) colgate games. First was the North island colgate games I had a spectacular time in Wellington, we stayed at the top 10 holiday park.

On the first day of the colgate games I had 80m hurdles and long jump. I started of with long jump I didn’t do that well, I was too focused on my hurdles (since that was my favourite event). As I walked across the track my heart felt as if it was beating 100 times as fast as it usually does my tummy felt like it was going to explode with butterflies but at the same time it was a great feeling because this was my chance to show what I can do. On your marks, get set, bang and suddenly the crowd goes wild as I leap of the hurdles one by one the finish line is getting closer and closer by the second and suddenly there it is I made it, i’ve won! I qualified through to the finals this time even more nervous and came second with a time of 14.51 it was a really successful day. On day 2 I had my hundred metre sprint I liked it but it wasn’t a personal favourite. I ended up going through to the semi finals but not qualifying for the finals. On day 3 I had the two hundred metre sprint It was also one of my favourites again I qualified for the semi finals but ended up not qualifying for the finals.

Now that the colgate games was over we drove (in the car) over to the interislander ferry. We waited a while and when finally got on my family and I were so excited we took a quick tour around the ferry and went to find our seats. The moment we looked out the window we saw a picturesque view over the ocean it was the most beautiful shade of blue that i’ve ever seen. It was a three and a half our enjoyable ride.

When we arrived in picton on the South island we drove down to Blenheim and stayed the night their with some friends. As I woke up the next day I felt a surge of excitement burst through me because we were going to Hamner Springs. On the way we stopped to watch the seals pose for our photos and then to have lunch at the whale watching cafe when we finally arrived at Hamner springs, we unpacked, changed and then got ready to hit the pools.

After swimming we went home ate and slept, the next day we were ready to drive to Christchurch. We stopped at christchurch to have lunch and then drove to Timaru to stay with some family friends. We had a great time. Before long we were on the road again on our way to the colgate games in Dunedin.

The next day was the first day of the South island colgate games, my events were in the same order my favourite event being first again. I didn’t get anything this time but I know I tried my best, It was a great experience.

After all the athletics had finished it was time to do some sightseeing, we started of by going to Forsyth-bar stadium and then the Cadbury chocolate factory. Then we were on our way back to Timaru, when we arrived, we arrived just in time for dinner. The next day we went to the Timaru pools it was great fun the diving board the glow in the dark super tubes and of course the pools.

The next day we drove to Greymouth and spent the night at the top ten holiday park. The next morning we drove over to Nelson, we stayed in Richmond but went to the beach in Nelson. Overall the South island was an amazing experience I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an awesome and beautiful experience!

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  1. It sounds like you had a really fun holiday