Monday, 9 February 2015

Griffin-My holiday

                                                         My holiday

It was a hot summers day the smell of hot chips and battered fish filled the air as i slowly walked along the wooden walk way. kia roa a tall islander boy said to me as he offered me to jump off the wharf.I have always been to scared to jump  off but i didn't want to look stupid in front of him.Do it do it as he repeatedly bugged me to jump off next thing you know SPLASH!!! into the water i was,a mouth full of salty water made me wanna gag hahahahaha the boy laughed at me from the top of the wharf.  

After a long cold swim i decided to head down to the fish and chips takeaways to get some food.Yum i said as i opened the the paper.The lovely smell filled the air. After a nice dinner me and my friend drove 20 mins back to his i had so much fun. I loved my holiday.

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  1. I like how your writing is short like me