Sunday, 8 February 2015

Grace’s holiday

In the christmas holiday my Mum, my brother Liam and I went to Japan. My Dad couldn’t come because he had to work but he has been before.

We wanted to go to Japan to see our family and go ski and snowboarding in the soft powdery snow.

On the first day we arrived in tokyo airport after a 13 hours flight. We stayed in a hotel for the night and we had two minute noodles for dinner. We got ready for a 4 hour Journey on a train to get to my grandmas house.

So the next day we went to the busy subway we had to hold hands because there were so many people. It was so hard to get there because we had to go on around about five trains. At least one train was about an hour or two.

Adeventiley we got there after 4 hours we walked to my grandmas house because its only 3 minutes away from the train stop.She was waiting at the front door and gave us a BIG hug.
So then we had dinner it was really nice but I don’t know what it called, some times my brother and I didn’t like the food because it was sometimes fish and raw food! We stayed at my grandmas house for four nights and we shopped went out for dinner played at the park in the coldness.

After four nights we went on a train for 5 hours it was snowing we arrived in a place I think was called Hakuba. we waited for my Mums friends  I don’t know their name?
My Brother and I call the one of the lady forest lady because she lives in the forest.
The next day we all went for a ski and snowboard. it was more fun because it was snowing and after 3 minutes I was covered in snow. It was such a good day every part of our bodies were covered. We did a full day we woke up early and finished late the snow was so powdery and soft.

After ski it was 4:00 we got back to the Hotel and we just fell on our beds. The next day we played in the snow and said goodbye to Mums friends.So then it was a half day and so was the next day ( it was not snowing) but really fun!

The next day we had to leave Hakuba to go back to Tokyo on a Five hour bus this time. It was really fun because we stopped after a couple of hours to pick up food at shops and we only had 15 minutes. Finally we got back to Tokyo and went back to the hotel we stayed when we first got Japan.

Later that day I asked my Mum if we could go to disneyland my Mum did some research and found out that disneysea closes at 6:30. everyone wants to stay till 10 and thats what time disneyland closes so the next day we went and the lines were so small they were about 10-20 minutes my favorite ride was  journey to the mystery to island because it was all peace full and you were in the volcano then suddenly you turn around on a corner and you go really fast and go right down the volcano in the dark.

At the end we went on all the rides kind of so at the end we waited 60 minutes for a toy story ride and went home.

And the next day was back on the plane home.

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