Sunday, 8 February 2015

Eden's holiday

Eden’s holiday:)

Sitting in the hot sun I was so bored asking mum what to do. Thought the first few weeks I didn't do anything that much bacillary swimming more swimming ,and even more swimming. But when we got back from my dads mum said we are going to Pauanui. I was so excited. Driving on the way there I felt so sick so we had to stop every 30 mins-1 h. When we got there I saw lots of camper vans and batches. Then we unpacked all our stuff and choose our bed and stuff like that. Then we saw the Taylor family. We stayed and chatted to them for a while and then went to the beach. the waves were so big and the rips were so hard to swim against but it was fun. One of the best thing about it was the beach was that Jamie McDowell was working there as a lifeguard. When we got back we all went down to fish and chip place and had dinner at the skate park on the paddock and also that the air force was practising and it was so cool.

As I was wake up I head Devon waking me up saying we are going to the beach and I was shocked but he actually joking with me . Through the day we went down to the estuary and there were tree swings it was fun. But when I was laying down on the towel a bee stung me and it was really sore.. Then after that we went back to the batch and put some ice on it. When the pain went away we went to the beach that made it feel a lot better. Then we ended up going to the beach again.

On the last day we packed up and got really to go to Rotorua for my touch tournament. We were sad that we had to leave but we get to go to Rotorua now. On our way to Rotorua I was so tired and felt not as sick as I would be. We finally got there and I ran into the pool it was so refreshing. After 30 mins I saw Brooke pill into the driveway I was excited that I had a friend in the same hotel. That night we all had dinner together, The Gordon family and the Rayner family as well. We had to go to bed because we have a big day tomorrow.

That day has finally come I was so nervous. That day has come we played 3 game. first we played and Waikato, Bay of plenty and Harbour. The second day we played Auckland and we lost all our games and came 5th.     

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