Tuesday, 24 February 2015



For the first post of the school year I shall share with you some cool facts about some gaming consoles and here is a chart to start off with:
Console# of Scored
Average MetascoreGreat Games**
(90 or higher)
Good Exclusives**
(75 or higher)
PS3PlayStation    414672.0          5           4
Xbox 360Xbox One9872.4          1           6
Wii UWii U7466.8          3           9
PCPC33870.4          1          45
PS3PlayStation 39868.0          1           2
Xbox 360Xbox 3607166.7          1           0

That was a table of some of the popular consoles that people use most of the time. Now here are some good 5 facts about the consoles we all know and play on:

-The first coin operated video games were introduced in the year 1970.
-Popular game consoles that dominate current markets are Nintendo WII, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3.
-Some popular video game genres are action adventure, puzzle, Strategy, sports, and racing.
-21% of US adults want a PlayStation 4 within 6 months.
-Sony PlayStation 4 sales surpass 18 million!

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