Sunday, 8 February 2015

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day my family celebrated christmas and my brother Michaels 9th birthday because it’s his birthday on christmas. I got woken up at around 7.3o in the morning by my brothers Michael and James. The first lot of presents we got given were from Mum and Dad and “Santa”, I got a Crayola Marker Maker Kit and the One Direction Four album from my parents and from “Santa” I got shower wash. Later in the day at about 3 in the afternoon we went to my grandma and granddads house which is about 10 minutes away from our house. Most of my Dads family were there, my aunties and uncles to be precise. From my Aunt Susie and Uncle Brian I got nail polish kits, from my Uncle Stephen and his girlfriend Megan I got a $25 glassons gift card, a craft kit, and a bracelet. And the one thing I wanted for ages I finally got for christmas from my grandma and grandad a sew cool machine, as well as the new diary of a wimpy kid book. Then my Aunt Susie and Uncle Brian had to go somewhere else and so did my Uncle Stephen and his girlfriend. So it was just My family and my grandma and granddad for christmas dinner. I helped my grandma make dinner it was amazing as always. Then of course we went home. Boxing day was a really special day for me and my family because we were skyping my Dads Aunty Tricia and Uncle Tom, cousins Trevor and Keith and Keiths Wife Naz. It was the first time my dad had seen their faces in 20 something years and the first time I had seen their faces too! Because he moved to New Zealand from England when he was eleven. and we found out that my Dads Cousin Keith and His wife Naz are having a baby!

So my break was great but i’m glad to be back at school and i’m going to work really hard this year in everything!

By Meggan Boswell

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