Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Carl’s holiday

In my holiday I went all around the north island, well not really but still I went to loads of places with my family. We went to Matamata and  my sister and I stayed in the pool for ages and were so addicted to the pool and wished to stay in it all night.

The next day we went to Tauranga and stayed there over Christmas with my cousins and we did so many cool activities like playing soccer so many times and cricket to. Also went to the beach a couple of times, but on Christmas day we woke up really early to open the presents earlier. Later  in the day our Nana came down to Tauranga and had so much to give out to us. The Christmas dinner was so tasty and I was filled up really quickly and didn't know there was more. We left on the the day after boxing day and were off to Rotorua.

When we arrived at Rotorua we did a walked across the road and saw loads of hot pools. The next day we went to Zorb it is like you are in a big ball and get pushed down a long hill and you can chose if you want to get strapped in and go head over heels down the hill or have water and get washed around in the ball or you can try surf down the hill in the water. After that we went to Agroventures and we did all sorts of things there like free fall, boat races, the giant swing and a sqube race and had a 1v1 against each other. The next day we caught up with Luke and his family and went down the luge.

The last destination we went to Thames and there we went to the Coromandel Celtic fair and spent the day there and brought loads of things back to our room and spent the rest of the days playing around with everything we brought.

When we arrived home we had so many things to unpack and took us ages to finish unpacking but we did it.

By Carl Mccullagh                 

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