Monday, 2 February 2015

Calix’s holiday.
My holidays were amazing. I went to Mount manganui, Matakana and Whatuwhiwhi and did heaps of cool things like going to the carnival, swimming, going out and a lot more things that won’t be listed.

Down at the mount there was a carnival just over the fence from where we were staying. The carnival had many rides that were sickening and some that were not so sickening. While we were at the carnival we decided to buy 13 ride tickets to use for some rides. the only sick ride I went on was a ride known as the round up. Also down at the mount we did a lot of swimming and body surfing.

A week after I had come back to Auckland I left to go up to a little town called Matakana just next to Omaha beach. We did a lot while spending time up there. We went to goat island, jumped of the Omaha bridge and yet again did a lot of swimming. One thing I loved the most was going to goat island for the day to snorkel around.

The week I came back from Matakana I went up north to a place called Whatuwhiwhi. I didn’t really do much up north after all it was a really small place. All you could really do was go swimming at the beach.

My holidays were great, I did a lot and had so much fun spending time with my family who are such great people.

By Calix


  1. Nice one Calix. Sounds like you got out heaps.

  2. calix nice job on your writing sounds like you had a great holiday