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bloody painter

The story of the bloody painter
(warning there is blood, gore, and death do not read if under the age of 10)
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Sounds of mad laughter filled the head of Helen Otis as he drew  a creepy looking picture,though he was a good child.Helen did well in school but that came with a price, the young boy’s parent was never there.They were so busy with work that Helen rarely see them , so that lead him to draw very creepy picture which would scare or sadden people.

One day at school in Helen’s classroom Samantha was missing her watch and blamed it on Helen because she found it in his bag. Truth is john another student framed Helen for stealing the watch, for only because he didn’t want to be bullied anymore.Jefry, Samantha’s friend took the journal Helen was drawing in and ripped it apart saying    
“you and these      creepy drawing Helen, so why did you steal Sam’s watch.” Helen Stared up and said  ‘I didn’t take the watch’ after punching Jefry in the face when he ripped his journal apart and threw it to the ground.Jefry stood up with the help of his gang and then knocked poor Helen down. Kick coming one after another never stopping, by the time the bell rang signaling that lunch time has ended. MR.feta came in and saw Helen all beaten up and said
‘Helen what Image result for bloody painter comichappened to you?’ ‘I fell down the stairs sir’ Helen replied, Helen said the same thing to his parents when he got home. Helen slowly made his way to his room when he got inside he went and took a shower,he wept until the water was no longer clouded with blood.

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(A message popped up on Helens screen saying):
Johny143:hey helen.
Johny143:Its me john.
painter:oh hi john .
(after a long conversation)
Johny143:hey want to meet up with me on friday after school?
painter:ok what time and where
Johny143:4:30 on the roof.

(friday on the roof 4:30pm)

‘Hey helen’ greeted john ‘hello john’ helen greeted back ‘i need to talk to you about something’ ‘what is it john?’ ‘you know how you were blamed for stealing samanthas watch’ ‘yeah’ ‘do you know who framed you?’ ‘no’ ‘uh...truth is...I...kinda...framed you.’ ‘what!’ ‘ I….uh!...I’m so sorry i didn’t mean it’ ‘Why did you do it!?’ yelled Helen while stepping forward slowly making john walk back closer to the edge. ‘ I just wanted them to stop them bullying me , so i took the watch and framed you for it’ ‘ I’m so sorry Helen I didn’t mean to do it I swear’. Helen went quiet and looked to the ground....then suddenly john slipped but Helen caught him by the hand. Now Helen had a choice ; let go and john can die or save him and the bullying will continue. Helen was too slow with his decision and john let go ‘JOHN…..!!!!!!!’ Helen cried as he saw his first friend since preschool fell to his death.
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(a few minutes after john’s death)

Sirens screamed as helen looked down at the ground seeing his first and last friend dead on the ground. He was taken in and had been questioned later he was let go, luckily for him his parent’s weren’t home. He sat near the windows edge in his room talking to himself ‘ It wasn’t my fault john died….right?’ ‘’s all his fault’ ‘ he deserved to die...ha...ha....haha...hahaha!’. BloodyPainter story Comic-Pag.23Helen was now broken all he cared about now was revenge.

(halloween night

[sammy34 started pestering lilbell34]

sammy34: hey you ready for the party yet ?
Lilbell25: yeah so where are you ?
sammy34: still in my dorm, how about you.
Lilbell25: same as you so meet you at the party?
door handle turns in samanthas room.
sammy34: lily I THINK SOMEONE’S HERE
Lilbell25: OMG who is it?
sammy34: I don’t know who it is.
sammy34: but he has black hair
sammy34: blue jacket on with a smiley face badge.
sammy34: and is wearing a mask
Lilbell25: okay just stay calm and don’t worry
Lilbell25: I’m on my………………
sammy34: lily...Lily?...LILY?!

[lilbell25 stopped pestering sammy34]
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samantha stood there scared as the door slowly opened samantha turned around slowly in her dark room then...Helen lurched at samantha and stabbed her in the stomach. blood splurted and Helen smiled under the mask at what he had become. she fell to the ground on that halloween night and Helen was no more but the bloody painter was born from Helens insanity.
No one knows that Helen Otis is the bloody painter and the only thing he does now is kill and paint. He only use blood for red paint and to every house of his victims. There will be smiley faces on the wall along with the words “ WHO’S NEXT? ” in the blood of his

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