Monday, 2 February 2015

Amelia's holiday

 :) :)  Amelia’s holiday :) :)

In the holiday the first big activity I had was rainbows end. I went there with my Mum, her boyfriend Brendan , my sister Charlotte , my sister Brianna , My brother Matthew , Brendon’s son Harmon and Harmon’s cousin Jacob . When we first arrived at  rainbows end we went on the well known ride the  Pirate Ship

I had forgotten the feeling of the butterflies in your stomach as the ship moved slowly higher and higher each side it swayed   . It was my brothers first time on the ride and he not only like pirates and all but liking slow rides enjoyed the ride !   

The second thing we went on was the log flume  and goldrush which were really  fun and I would say that the long line was worth the wait !!

Of course my sister and I had to let our little sibling have a turn with the rides they were tall enough for though it was really boring standing there watching them go on all the rides we were too old to go on now  but our turn was coming up !!!

My stomach was full with butterflies as we walked along the path I couldn't wait as well as being scared at the same time  we were about to enter the power surge I sat there in the seat waiting for the assistant to come and check the seatbelts it seemed like forever before he came round to my seat but only one or two minutes had past  . all of a sudden a blood curdling scream came out of my mouth along with a few words like “help” , “I’m gonna die” , “ I’m about to fall out “  .

The next ride we went on was the roller coaster which I didn't scream on and neither did my sister who had never been on it before .

next was the two most scariest rides the fear fall and the stratosphere I surprisingly didn't scream on the stratosphere but I did on the fear fall I really enjoyed rainbows end I hope I can go back again soon !!!

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  1. I like the way you describe the events Amelia. Can picture exactly what's happening by your use of descriptive words.