Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A girls night out ! 

Traffic was busy in the little city called phnom phen . My grandmother and her two sisters , my three aunts , my god sister/aunt named Alice , my wonderful mum and me were in the car on our way to 'AEON' the grand new shopping mall in cambodia. The journey was long but what did you expect with all this traffic, five o’clock to six o’clock is always the busy time. I stared out of the car window with my headphones in my ears, I was listening to 'Mambostuck' while my mum put on khmer music with the bluetooth in the car so that my family could understand.  Our arrangement in the car was kinda strange, alice in the drivers seat , me in the front , my mum and my three grandmothers in the back seat all squashed together ( i’m surprise that no one complained about it ) and my three aunts in the back boot. By the time we got there and was parked the valet parker was already coming to open the door but before he could get close to the door, alice,my mum,my grandmother and me had already gotten out of the car . Then he saw one more get out then another and another , he was so shocked he was laughing and by that time we were all laughing. When we were in the aeon mall all we did was have a look around and trying on shoes, looking at bags. later that night we went to eclipse also known as sky bar and had some drinks and a little bit of something to eat like roasted peanuts , french fries , thinly sliced pickled daikon , carrots , and cucumber , along with a dried spicy beef that is sliced to about half a centimeter . After that lovely night out on the town with my family it was time to go home and rest for the next day of my holiday.
by natalie eng

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  1. I enjoyed reading that Natalie - and your account of the way you were squeezed into the car made me smile! Ms Fothergill