Saturday, 7 February 2015

A day at little Oneroa- By Gabriel

      The Neels holiday

The first week we went to our Nan and Pops (he looks like santa) in papakura, they have a big green two story house with a big backyard lots of plants such as; flowers, trees, fruit trees etc. so we arrive at their house super tired from the week just gone, when we get out of the car my brother Zac starts complaining that he had to drag his bags up the stairs from the garage “I’m too tired to drag my bags up the stairs” then I said “lifes tough isn’t it Zac” he then walks of sulking dragging his bags up the stairs murmuring to himself, later that day we just lounged around and did nothing.

Auckland Ferry Terminal.The next day my Nan and Pop decided to take us on a ferry to the wonderful Waiheke island that we had never been before the furthest we have been on a ferry was to Devonport and that was a long time ago.The next morning we had to get up early in the morning so that we could catch the train from Papakura to britomart in the city when we got off the train (eventually) both me and Zac had to trust our Nan and Pop to take us to the ferry port that happened to be about across the road, after we arrived and got our tickets we had to wait short amount of time before the ferry arrived at the port we then had to wait another boring 10 minutes so that the few passengers could slowly get off the ferry and half of them weren’t even elderly people thats outrages there should be a waiting sign elderly people prepare to wait (JEEEZZZ).
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When we finally arrived at waiheke we had to again wait another 10 minutes for all the American tourist’s to get of the boat and onto the arrival port and slowly walked off the ferry because all of the people in front of us were so slow again my gosh

of waves and currents When we eventually got of the ferry we caught a bus to one of the most famous beaches there called little Oneroa we then found a nice little wooden log picnic table to sit at and met some really nice people that happened to have their grandson his name was Callum (and no it’s not the one from our class just saying) he was with them as well, so we then all decide to put on our togs and run and jump at the water there was also an impressive amount of  starfish (that weren’t star shaped what’s with that?) about 10 minutes after we started skipping stones at each other (don’t worry no lunatics were harmed whilst this was happening) that soon ended, after a while Zac decided to start picking up as many starfish (Or circle fish which ever) he could fit in his arms I then came along and smacked it all out of his arms and he started laughing so hard he almost fell over (to be honest it wasn’t all that funny). After a good lunch we then went back in the water and started body surfing which is when you wait for a massive wave to come and you hurl yourself in front of the wave to speed back to shore, for another 20 minutes we did this, the day was coming to the end so we went and got dressed back into our clothes and started to pack up ready to go back so we said our goodbye’s and went on our way back to the bus stop and went back to the ferry port this time it wasn’t that busy after about 10 minutes we were ¾ of the way there when we had to stop at devonport for roughly five minutes and we were then quickly heading back to land when I suddenly realised how many Asians and Americans were on the boat I was really amazed at how many there were, There you go new zealand we must be doing something right. When we reached the train station to go back I saw a guy in a suit get taken away and sent to security and I don’t think it was for a good reason, it was a boring trip home and I was just sitting there for something amazing to happen but nothing did we then finally reached papakura again this was the end of our journey.

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