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The Berlin wall

Why you should unicycle.

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Why I like unicycling and how it can benefit you?   
I like unicycling because it helps me in balance and gives me an opportunity to join a circus or a parade. Also you would need patients because it took me 1-2 months to learn to do at least 100 pedals. It will increase your recognition in the neighborhood.

Facts about Unicycling...
Nobody really knows why created the unicycle

People in the old days on their penny farthing lent forward and rode only on the big wheel and rode like that

The unicycle is quite a simple design it has a frame and the seat is called a saddle and has a wheel that has no chain and it only movement by the pedal so there is no delayed reaction in movement unlike bikes.
Skills you gain…

ballance, popularity in the neighborhood, confidence, stronger leg muscles and more.     

Here is a video of some tricks on a unicycle

P.S. I don’t know how to do them and don’t ask me how to.


Hopefully you enjoyed this little presentation of  unicycling and you should do it trust me it is epic. 😀

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Luke's "Persuasive writing"


I like netball because it includes commitment, perseverance and having lots of fun.I have played netball for 4 years now it is awesome.I persuade you to go have a go at netball you can really enjoy the game or even just watch one.__________________________________________
First you need to like sports and exercise and be reasonably fit outside and in to be able to enjoy it and keep playing it.You’ll need to know the positions of where to stand and you’ll need to know the rules.

Goal Shooter
To score goals and to work in and around the circle with the GA.
Goal Attack
To feed and work with GS and to score goals.
Wing Attack
To feed the circle players giving them shooting opportunities.
To take the centre pass and to link the defence and the attack.
Wing Defence
To look for interceptions and prevent the A from feeding the circle.
Goal Defence
To win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA.
Goal Keeper
To work with the GD and to prevent the GA/GS from scoring goals.

Rules:Stepping- Stepping is moving with the ball in your hands.Obstruction- Is when you are too close to another player when defending .Contact- Is when you poke your elbow in at another player or stepping on their toes.Offside- Where you are not meant to go on the court.When and where did netball first come from?
Netball started in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusettswhen a 30-year-old Canadian immigrant to the USA.James Naismith was ordered to invent an indoor game for high spirited young men at the School for Christian Workers.Moving from its early start as basket ball, the first game of netball played at Madame Ostenburg’s College, England in 1895. Through to inclusion in the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and the instigation of Fast Net in 2008 and Fast5 in 2013.It has been quite a journey.
This is what some netball uniforms look like

This is a full game of silver ferns against Samoa =)full netball game ←Click here

Gaming ❤

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From games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and BattleField to Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans, Computers to Xbox and PlayStation to your ordinary iPod. Playing these games and on these consoles is referred to gaming and is well known across all nations. Gaming can help you prepare for the real world and shows how bad life can be for some and will get you ready for the worst, plus once you beat your friends high score on Flappy Bird you will be the next hot topic to talk about.

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Gaming is an amazing thing to do and once you’ve completed a campaign from any game it gives you the emotion to want to complete another. Gaming is so cool that you could become famous and throughout our country and all surrounding countries you will be the next big thing. Hey! You may even become the next PewDiePie!

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Hand-eye coordination, good reflexes, fast reaction time and great decision-making skills is what you will learn from just completing a campaign and achieving objectives. By playing a COD: Black Ops 2 Zombies or a Battlefield Multiplayer match will at least improve your hand-eye coordination and speed up your reactions. Another wonderful thing is that gaming has no age limits and kids as young as 13 begin to game.

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To those who don’t think gaming is social (Mr. Munro) IT IS! Their is such thing as a multiplayer menu in most games where you can interact with other gamers from across the world. Most gamers are a little ‘rude’ at first but once you’re used to it, it becomes easy to socialize. I personally have made a lot of friends online and enemies and it really does improve my socializing skills and humour.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Baking and cooking

Baking and Cooking!

I love baking and cooking in my own time because its a fun way of learning and you get a good result in the end. I think everybody should do this because
You don’t want to be the one that can’t cook your own food and have to always be buying takeaways because you don’t have the knowledge to make it yourself. Learning to bake and cook at a young age is amazing because you could make breakfast for your family and bake some cookies for your lunchbox and so much more this is a skill for life.
Learning to cook and bake is good for you because you develop confidence and self-assurance  here are some things that you will learn.


You have great Responsibility when you're cooking and baking like :
Making sure that you don’t burn yourself and also the food.
Adding the right stuff at the right time.
Cooking it for the correct time.
Learning measurements.
Using the right ingredients ( not salt for sugar )

Uses your creative mines put a twist on some good old recipes.

check out these cool recipes

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Girl Guides

Girl Guides

What I like about Guides is that you don’t have to have any important skills, it boosts my confidence and helps me face my fears. You go on lot’s of camps and have lots of opportunities, you can do it in your own time and you have a choice they don’t force you to do it. You get badges, certificates, award ceremonies, and most importantly you make new friends. It also helped me with leadership skills and it helped  me become more independent when making decisions.  I have been doing guides since I was about 5 and am still going. I go to Tahia Wahia Guides on Tuesday night from 5-7 pm. My leaders are; Sheena , Sue and Trixie.

The benefits of doing Girl Guiding
  • You get to have a go at leading, by having your own patrol.
  • You can go on lot’s of camps, jamborees and other outdoor activities.
  • It’s a lot of fun!
  • You meet new people and make new friends!
  • You boost your confidence, face fears and get skills from doing it!
  • You get the opportunity to sell Guide Biscuits, which are really yummy.
  • GirlGuiding is done in over 145 countries!
  • You get a Uniform, Sash and Handbook.
  • You can start at the age of 5
    This is only for girls - Our motto
     is Be Prepared.

    Here are some links if you would like to check it out I suggest you do- 
    Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.42.50 PM.png

The Dentist

Rock Climbing by Callum Moffitt

Rock Climbing

by Callum Moffitt

rock climbing.jpg Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a set route without falling.  To successfully complete a climb, you must reach the topmost point and return to the bottom of the route safely.

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport.  It tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. Climbing is a dangerous activity.  Climbers need to use the right equipment and understand proper climbing techniques to stay safe. There are heaps of different styles of climbing, and loads of different places you can climb, indoors and outdoors.  Styles include lead, freestyle, trad, bouldering and many more.

To rock climb you need to have good upper and lower body strength. You also have to have good mental control.  Climbing is my favourite sport, it gets my adrenaline going and it’s really satisfying when I complete a climb that has been really tough.  It helps me with my mental control, strength and physical fitness.  I would recommend this sport to everyone.  You don’t need to be an expert to start with, you can just have a go and learn at your own pace.



I have always loved to ride scooters ever since I was little, I would always pick up a scooter and ride it outside the front of my house trying to show off tricks as a little boy even though I wasn’t good at it i still practiced every day. Now since I am older I am a lot better at the sport and think that everyone else should give it a go,you never know you could fall in love with it just like me watching videos of all the worlds best riders and going to the skate park practicing and trying to be just like the pros.

Hi my name is griffin and I going to try to convince you to try give scootering a go. To start off you will need to have a scooter to ride one that is strong, fast and suits your fancy. There are a ton to choose from this helpful site that I will give you a link to now To be able to do tricks and show off to friends you need to be fit,confident and willing to be hurt, although you can hurt yourself doing the sport it is fun cause you get up and try again, You can learn from your mistakes here's another link to a video that you can watch to later see if you can do these tricks but remember that it takes patients and heaps of time of practice. I hope that anyone who reads this will give scootering a go.  


The game of TOUCH:)


Gymnastics Hobbies & sport!

A lot of people don’t want to do gymnastics because you need to be flexible. It could be a challenge but you can learn and take a challenge take a risk. Sometimes parents wonder how different types of sport can help their children. And no It’s not because they can learn to flip jump and leap it’s because they will have skill and a healthy life.

The reason that I like Gymnastics is because there is different types of styles you can do like floor, bars, rings, vault, trampoline and my favorite beam. You may think gymnastics are only for Girls but Boys can do it too.

What you need to be able to do be a good gymnastics
coordination, determination and confidence.     
I hope I can carry on being a gymnastics.


Netball is a really fun sport to play. You get to meet new people, get fit as well as many other new skills and benefits. It’s one of the best sports and over 20 million people play it around the world.

Netball is a sport that plays with two teams (7 players on each), the aim of the game is to see who can get the most goals. But it’s not all that easy. Each player has a different position on the court, with a different “job” for each of them.

With playing netball comes many different benefits such as;

*  Running - During a game of netball you should run quite a lot. Running short sprints in different directions around the court.

*  Teamwork - In netball, there are two teams that play, meaning that you have to cooperate together to defend, attack, and score goals.

*  Strength - Throwing across a large area isn’t always easy, but in netball it’s a great skill you gain by having to throw to your other teammates during a game.

It’s fun ! Along with all these benefits come the fun and enjoyment of the game. Some teams aren’t as competitive as others, but in the end both teams want to fight for the win. Going to trainings isn’t always as boring as other sports either, because it’s not an individual sport such as, tennis, squash, badminton etc.

In my opinion I think netball is the best sport to play. I think everyone should give it a go and get to gain all these new skills and benefit in a lot of ways.

Here’s a link to a netball store so you can purchase some gear and start practicing ! :