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Cars of then and cars now.

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Image result for fireImage result for fire fire

One hot afternoon in alice springs Australia turned a summer holiday into a disaster. Trees are burning down taking many houses and cars with it. At the moment it is reported that 49 people are missing and dead in only 2 hours of disaster.

Fire fighters are still trying to put the flames out, as they put one out it is reported theres 2 more people dying and burning in every 30 minutes. The flames are a mystery why it is set on fire because it is not hot enough to burn trees many houses, buildings,hotels and motels have been evacuated. A family of 4 was trapped in a burning house for 30 minutes until the fire fighters arrived i am here talking to them now.

Tracy Smith mother of 2
Reporter : what was going on in your head while your house was slowly burning down on you?
Tracy Smith: the only thing that was going on in my head was what do I do!
reporter: When the firefighters came how were you feeling?
Tracy Smith: So relived
Reporter: thank you Tracy for talking to us.
Tracy Smith : thank you
we recommend to evacuate your homes if you are in alice spring.

Now going back to Chris and Lily.

It's right to recycle

Come to the Garden Party - Victoria

Come to the Garden Party

Planning for this event took months and it’s finally here! 

I invited many elderly and even hired the chocolate fountain. Plenty of people showed up and I was so stoked!

The reason for planning this event was to respect all the elderly war veterans and just to have fun with the Men and Women who had served our country for years if not decades.

We had a few small snacks and many main courses for them to pick from. Our small snacks included muffins, cookies, watermelon and other fruits and for our bigger meals, Kebabs and Chicken to Shrimp and Salmon.

For our venue, we hired out the nearby golf club which most of the Elderly had played at. It was just the best place to have the event. We also held a mini golf tournament between them all. It was great fun.

The reason why I named this event the ‘Garden’ party is from the Anzac fields where it shows all the passed away soldiers. The fields of their graves does not only showed the masses but shows that they had fought for peace and a garden means peace.

This event was splendid and I would love to organised another one. My favorite part was when a few veterans told me their story and I was in tears! Amazing event.

please donate to the maui dolphin. to help fundraise and keep these animals safe and alive.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Istvan's technology

Griffin Technology 2015



Technology 2015 - Amelia

Technology review


Technology 2015

Technology 2015

Technology 2015

This Year ( 2015 ), the year 7’s and 8’s had their technology rotations, which changes every term and lasts  two days of the week.
We got to choose four rotations out of the the five rotations : Food, Photography, soft materials, electronics and Graphics, The first technology rotation I choose was beginning electronics.
In electronics we got to build a hand buzzer, but mine broke and that was upsetting. The electronics was cool because we got to soldering and that was something new for me.

my next technology rotation was soft materials. at first I thought soft materials was going to be boring be, once we got into to it, it was sort of OK. In Soft materials we made a tea towel which I gave to my gran and two sunglasses cases that I gave to my mum and sister.

The third technology I choose Photography and I thought that was the best rotation to do, I recommend doing photography next year if you are a year 6 or 7’s, because you get to take photos and edit them for all of the two days. Photography  was hosted by Ms Fothergill in the library and we got to bring our own cameras and use them all day

My last rotation, graphic which was the most boring of them all. Graphics was hosted by Mr. Munro in his classroom and for graphics we drew angles, 3d shapes and 2d shapes. Graphics was boring for the first day, but got a bit better on the second day.

Technology 2015 :)

Technology review 2015

Technology 2015!!

Technology 2015 :)

Technology 2015

Mathison bay trip

Monday, 30 November 2015

Snorkelling Recount

Snorkeling Recount

JPEG Image

As I stepped out the Bus at Matheson Bay I could feel that the day ahead of me would be a fun one full of new adventures and experiences. To start our day we had to have a talk about the day and what the rules were. I was really looking forward to the snorkelling. But I didn't know that something even better was about to happen.

My group's first activity was free time, I was really hoping that something better was going to happen. To my surprise we were told that we we were going on a quick walk up the river. The walk started of cool because we were told to walk across a fallen tree which was hanging over the river. I was one of the first people to get on the tree, I speed along the tree of my hands and knees and when I got to the end of the tree I jumped to get to the end but then i slipped and badly bruised my arm and leg. I wasn't the only unlucky one, Sky slipped of the tree and fell into the river. As we continued on the walk we came across a small waterfall and I went to drink the fresh water. At the top of the waterfall was a small swimming pool with a rope swing, Only ½ of my group got in the pool and i was upset because I couldn't have a swing on the rope swing. After about 10 minutes we got out of the pool and headed back to the clearing for our next activity.

I was happy to found out that our next activity was Snorkelling, I was happy to have my own wetsuit, snorkel and mask, I didn't really care about what fin’s I got. When everyone was suited up we headed for the point where we were going to start snorkelling. I was partnered up with one of the instructors because the board I was on was to full. I was happy to be with the instructor because I could move further ahead and see more things and also get of my board earlier. The only fish I sore were leather jackets and a huge crab and also a octopus. When we had finished snorkelling we were told to go on to the shore and take of our fin’s and then go up to are bags and get out of our wet suits  and get ready for our last rotation.

My last activity was a walk around the rock pools to try and find wildlife. We were unlucky to find any cool wildlife, The only really cool thing we found was a huge crab we found lots of starfish and shells though. One of the best things on the walk was the fact that there were little hot pools that you could sit in and keep warm. I had a fun time on the walk but I would be happier when i got home.

I had a really fun time on the snorkelling trip, But before i could go home and rest I would have to survive the bus ride back.           

Marine Trip - Amelia

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The forces of nature were overpowering - Amelia

garden party

Under the sea

Rhyming Reasons - Victoria

The Mysterious boat:)


What causes the seasons to change?

Its right to write

Informing the insurance company

Umbrellas up Umbrellas down

Three days to remember forever

Stop the killing

Come to my garden party

Come to the
garden party

The sun is beaming, the clouds are no where to be seen and people are walking up and down the street, today is my Garden party that I have been planning for weeks and weeks. I invited 5 of my friends and one special guest that the others don’t know about so i'm super excited.

At 10:30 Emma and Amber arrived as well as Caitlyn, later Allie and Maddie came together, everyone was ready to start the party but I wasn’t because my special guest wasn’t  here. I had no choice but to start without her because she’s not here, we had morning tea then I got a call from Leah my special guest and she missed her flight so she will be an hour late.

I tried to make the morning tea as long as possible but it ended after 30 minutes. After I put the plates in the kitchen we just sat outside doing nothing. My friends are sitting there patiently waiting for me to make a move. Finally the doorbell rang I ran to the door and said LEAH! However I  realized that it wasn’t leah it was the mailman. Then I saw a taxi pull up in my driveway behind him, the mailman was talking to me but I was totally ignoring him. A pink sandal came out of the door I saw leah’s face and screamed so loud my friends thought I was in danger and raced to the door when they saw Leah they screamed as well so the mailman just left. The reason I was excited for Leah to come, she moved houses 1 year ago and haven’t seen her since.

My garden party satreted propely we went on all day laughing and mucking around in the garden, suddinly dark clouds came over us. That doesn’t matter to us, as it poured down we carried on the garden party was the best party ever. At the end of the day we had to say goodbye to socking wet leah witch was the hardest thing of the day.

By Grace

Forces beyond our control.

Jack and the beanstalk remake

Mazhar and the beanstalk

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Mazhar, who lived in a little cottage in the little village of Doonesworth. Mazhar had no brothers or sisters only his caring and loving father called Griffin. Mazhar and his father were very poor with no money nor did they have enough food to last the 2 weeks.

One day Mazhar’s father had asked him to go to the local market and see if anyone was willing to buy their cow Daisy. As Mazhar slowly made his way through the market an old looking man stopped him and said “are you selling the cow of yours” “yes I am. Are you wanting to buy it off me?” “why yes but I can only pay you in MAGIC BEANS”. Mazhar thought for a while and came to his final conclusion. “What do these magic beans do?’’ Mazhar asked curiously. “What they do young man is they lead a big beanstalk right up through the clouds to a magical place” “ok but if they don’t work I will come back for a refund”.

As Mazhar walked into the door Father had said “oi what did you get for the cow. “I got four magic beans that lead us to a magical place with riches and lots of things to make us wealthy again”. “good on you son”. So Mazhar and his father went outside and planted the beans, they then had only put one drop of water on the beans and before you knew it the beanstalk had struck out of the ground and sped up past the clouds. Mazhar and his father jumped onto a leaf and the leaf went around in a spiral right up past the clouds. As they jumped off the leaf there was a big rainbow walkway leading to a big creamy coloured castle.

Mazhar and his father looked at each other and said “let’s rob the place”. So the two of them ran in and stole three bags of pure gold without anyone noticing. After they had took the gold they ran straight to the beanstalk and made their way back down. When they got down they put all the gold inside, grabbed father’s axe and chopped down the beanstalk.

From this day forward Mazhar and his father were as rich as can be and they lived happily ever after.

A day of national pride

What happens in space?

Wattle Downs map

If you want to learn the lay out of Wattle Downs click the this link.

Wattle Downs Map

To see the map, click on this link :

The hot, hot sun
Games are all fun
It’s now Summer
And the fun had just begun.

In the scorching hot sun we go to the beach
Even to get bit by a leach
The beach is crowded by thousands
But there’s this little girl sitting on her towel and
She doesn’t know where her parents have disappeared
If only they could re-appear.

She calls and yells for her Mum and Dad
Only to make an old lady mad
After a while of crying of sadness
Her Mum came by screaming of madness
“I thought we lost you my darling dear”
Mum yelled on and on with fear.

But not long later we arrived at home
Safe and sound without a groan
It was an amazing day
Let’s just hope young Daisy doesn’t get lost again.

Griffin's Mad Skills!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Istvan's Postcard

The wanderer - Luke.M

Lighting up our world


The Forces of Nature were Overpowering


Since Last We Spoke - Victoria

Words of celebration.

It made me feel the way I did


Forces beyond our control

Cars Of Then and Now

Informing the insurance company

How does it work - Amelia

alphabetical history

Rhyming reasons

Rhyming reasons
 Drinking milk, Drinking milk
 helps you grow  
 tall as a giraffe
 strong as a tiger 
Drinking milk everyday gives you energy to run
 Drinking milk, Drinking milk
Image result for fonterra milk

 Friends, Friends
 are the best
 they are trustworthy
 Friends, friends

Image result for dolphinsImage result for monsters under the bed

Monsters, Monsters
under my bed
in the closet
at the window
Monsters, Monsters

Dolphins, Dolphins 
they are loyal
Dolphins, Dolphins