Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cars of then and cars now.

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One hot afternoon in alice springs Australia turned a summer holiday into a disaster. Trees are burning down taking many houses and cars with it. At the moment it is reported that 49 people are missing and dead in only 2 hours of disaster.

Fire fighters are still trying to put the flames out, as they put one out it is reported theres 2 more people dying and burning in every 30 minutes. The flames are a mystery why it is set on fire because it is not hot enough to burn trees many houses, buildings,hotels and motels have been evacuated. A family of 4 was trapped in a burning house for 30 minutes until the fire fighters arrived i am here talking to them now.

Tracy Smith mother of 2
Reporter : what was going on in your head while your house was slowly burning down on you?
Tracy Smith: the only thing that was going on in my head was what do I do!
reporter: When the firefighters came how were you feeling?
Tracy Smith: So relived
Reporter: thank you Tracy for talking to us.
Tracy Smith : thank you
we recommend to evacuate your homes if you are in alice spring.

Now going back to Chris and Lily.

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Come to the Garden Party - Victoria

Come to the Garden Party

Planning for this event took months and it’s finally here! 

I invited many elderly and even hired the chocolate fountain. Plenty of people showed up and I was so stoked!

The reason for planning this event was to respect all the elderly war veterans and just to have fun with the Men and Women who had served our country for years if not decades.

We had a few small snacks and many main courses for them to pick from. Our small snacks included muffins, cookies, watermelon and other fruits and for our bigger meals, Kebabs and Chicken to Shrimp and Salmon.

For our venue, we hired out the nearby golf club which most of the Elderly had played at. It was just the best place to have the event. We also held a mini golf tournament between them all. It was great fun.

The reason why I named this event the ‘Garden’ party is from the Anzac fields where it shows all the passed away soldiers. The fields of their graves does not only showed the masses but shows that they had fought for peace and a garden means peace.

This event was splendid and I would love to organised another one. My favorite part was when a few veterans told me their story and I was in tears! Amazing event.

please donate to the maui dolphin. to help fundraise and keep these animals safe and alive.